ACOM Partners with Wallace Community College and Troy University Dothan for Interprofessional Education Experience

Interprofessional Education Experience

DOTHAN – February 9, 2018 – Today, the Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine (ACOM) partnered with Wallace Community College and Troy University Dothan to conduct an interprofessional collaborative experience on both the ACOM and Wallace campuses. Approximately 260 students participated in the event, including more than 150 ACOM medical students, 40 Wallace nursing students, 35 Troy nursing students, and 30 Troy social work students. The interprofessional encounter converged medical school, nursing school, and social work curricula in one scenario.

Last year, ACOM piloted the experience with Wallace, and wanted to expand the event to include Troy University Dothan students and all ACOM students this year. This activity allowed students to simulate a “real” scenario in a hospital setting. In this one-hour experience, the patient was admitted to the hospital for memory issues related to a bladder infection. The nurses assessed the patient, they reported the findings to a team of two medical students, after which they entered the room together to further asssess the patient. Following the medical student and nurse consultation, the social worker and patient’s daughter entered the room to coordinate care with the healthcare team.

After the encounter, the patient, daughter, and entire healthcare team debriefed with an ACOM clinical faculty member to understand the individual perspectives and reflect on each player’s role and experience. Every member of the team is important and plays a vital role in patient health care and treatment outcomes. The goal of this activity was for students to learn the value of collaboration with a care team to provide the best treatment outcome for the patient and his/her family.