For the purposes of matriculation, which transcripts are necessary?

Prospective students must submit official transcripts from every undergraduate and graduate institution they have attended to the Office of the Registrar shortly after they submit their deposit.

If I received transfer credits, do I need to have transcripts sent from those schools?

ACOM requires that official transcripts be sent from all previously attended institutions, regardless of which school(s) accepted this credit.  For example, if you take a summer course at a community college and transfer the work to your primary/home institution, ACOM requires BOTH official transcripts (the one from the community college and the one from your home/primary college) even if the community college course work also appears on your home institution transcript.

I applied last year and have already submitted transcripts to ACOM. Do I need to send them again?

Even though you applied previously to ACOM, you will need to resubmit official transcripts.  We must verify whether or not you have taken any additional courses at a particular school.  Consequently, you must resubmit new transcripts.

Where do I send my transcripts from other schools?

Transcripts from other schools should be sent to:

Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine
ATTN: Registrar
445 Health Sciences Boulevard
Dothan, Alabama 36303

What is considered an official transcript?

Transcripts are considered official only when they are issued to ACOM, not the student, and/or sent directly to ACOM from a college, university, or a nationally recognized evaluation services agency for coursework taken at foreign institutions. Official transcripts must demonstrate successful completion of all required coursework.

Will faxed transcripts be considered unofficial?

Faxed transcripts will be considered UNOFFICIAL as the source cannot be confirmed nor can the document be properly authenticated.

When should I submit official transcripts if I am currently enrolled in classes?

Prospective students that are in the process of completing a bachelor’s degree will need to provide transcripts (official or unofficial) before registration takes place to confirm that the minimum requirements for enrollment have been met. Once final grades are posted and degrees are conferred, official transcripts must be submitted to the College. An academic hold will be placed at the time initial registration occurs. Failure to submit official transcripts will deem students ineligible for subsequent registrations, which may lead to eventual dismissal from the program. Holds placed due to missing transcripts will be cleared shortly after official transcripts are received.

How can I request transcripts from ACOM?

Students may view their unofficial transcript on line. Additionally, requests for official transcripts may be placed via self-service through our secure ACOM Portal. Former students may place a request by filling out a Release of Information Request form and submitting it to the Registrar’s Office. Forms may be mailed to the Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine or faxed to the Registrar’s Office, as long as all required sections are completed.