Federal Student Aid

When instructed, students who wish to apply for federal student aid must complete all steps listed on the Application Checklist.

Private Student Loans

After selecting a lender, students should complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the FAFSA.*
  2. Visit https://studentloans.gov/ and complete:
    • Federal Entrance Counseling*
    • Financial Awareness Counseling*
  3. If, after consideration of your Federal Student Aid options, you decide to borrow a private student loan, continue to Step 4.
  4. Contact the lender and complete the loan application.
  5. Once you have been approved by the lender, submit a Third-Party Financial Aid Reporting Form to the Office of Financial Aid. Be sure to list your loan ID number on the form.

*If you are ineligible for Federal Student Aid, you may skip items 1 and 2.

NOTE: We recommend that medical students utilize available Federal Student Aid options before borrowing private loans. For more information, please contact the Office of Financial Aid.

ACOM Scholarships

Students who wish to apply should review the list of Scholarship Opportunities and submit complete applications, including all required documentation, to the Office of Financial Aid. Incomplete applications cannot be accepted.

Applications will be forwarded to the Scholarship Committee for review. Official notifications will be sent to students during late spring.

Outside Scholarships & Grants

Generally, students who wish to apply for scholarships or grants provided by an outside source must apply directly with the source. In some instances, the school must certify student enrollment to the aid provider. If the award you are applying for requires school certification, please contact the Office of Financial Aid for assistance.

Once you have been approved for an outside scholarship or grant, you are required to submit the Third-Party Financial Aid Reporting Form along with documentation of your award to the Office of Financial Aid. This reporting requirement is enforced by federal regulation. Failure to follow this directive may result in cancellation or reduction of your award(s).

Students are encouraged to review ACOM’s list of Scholarship Opportunities and to conduct their own searches as well.

In order to be considered for one of these awards, students should apply early and follow the application instructions provided by the awarding organization. Unless a scholarship specifically states that it is automatically awarded, scholarships are awarded competitively, and consideration does not guarantee that a scholarship will be approved. To ensure maximum consideration, it is imperative that students are knowledgeable of the specific requirements and deadlines associated with all scholarship programs.