ACOM is one of 37 colleges of osteopathic medicine in the U.S. and the first osteopathic medical school in the state of Alabama. The institution is the only osteopathic medical school that is an academic division of a county healthcare authority. Here’s a look at the ACOM difference and how ACOM is Inspiring Medicine through Human Touch®.

The Facility

The ACOM campus is designed to provide the full student experience. The 110,000-square-feet facility is equipped with the latest technology creating a productive learning environment for students. The auditoriums and laboratories are designed to provide increased visibility for each student during lectures and sessions. The college features a primarily electronic library and the Clinical Competency Center resembles the testing environment students will encounter during the National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners (NBOME) exam, helping to ensure that students are prepared and comfortable at the Board exam. Faculty offices are conveniently located on the second floor, close to student classrooms, ensuring that students have the opportunity to professors as needed.

The Culture

ACOM is committed to defining and promoting a culture of professionalism and success. As a mission-driven institution, ACOM is anchored in a set of Core Values that was developed by the academic community. These core values—InSPIRE: Integrity, Service, Passion, Innovation, Respect and Excellence—serve as the foundation for the work of the college. The administration, faculty, staff and students embrace these principles and ACOM strives to reflect their importance across the institution as a whole.

The Faculty & Staff

ACOM has a team of more than 60 faculty and staff that represents many academic and professional backgrounds. Most of ACOM’s faculty is medical school-trained. The faculty has more than 400 combined years of experience teaching medical students. Many of the faculty bring with them significant research experience in areas, including genetics and medical education. ACOM’s clinical faculty has an array of experiences as practicing physicians, including community-based, hospital-based and military service-based medicine.

The Curriculum

ACOM delivers a hybrid curriculum model utilizing discipline and system-based clinical presentation approaches in the pre-clinical years. The curriculum presents core concept knowledge in the traditional discipline manner followed by student-centered teaching and learning by way of patient-centered, clinical presentation/system-based integrated courses. The pre-clinical curriculum utilizes a blend of instruction methodologies with interactive lectures, basic sciences correlation sessions, clinical integration sessions, labs, small groups, simulations, designated student assignments, and online and interactive instruction. The blended methodologies provide opportunities for engaged learning, formative assessment and deliberate practice of clinical reasoning.

The Community

ACOM would not be what it is without the outstanding support of the community. The city of Dothan and Wiregrass region have actively embraced the college, the faculty and staff, and the students. In 2012, ACOM received a commendation from the accrediting body for the outstanding community support from city, county and state levels. The community has given generously through SAMC Foundation’s What If? Capital Campaign and helped to build an institution of excellence. In 2013, the What If? Capital Campaign won three Excellence in Communication awards, including Best in Show, from the American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine (AACOM).