Clinical Sciences

Stephen Miller, DO, MPH, FACOFP, Associate Dean of Clinical Sciences
S. Dennis Baker, PhD, Assistant Dean of Faculty Enrichment
Joseph D. Baker, II, DO, Chair of Family Medicine
Vance Powell, DO, Chair of OB/GYN, General Surgery & Trauma
Health Parker, DO, Chair of Pediatrics
Kevin Hayes, DO, Chair of Osteopathic Principles & Practice
Sebastian Alston, MD, Professor of Pathology
Kim Schoeffel, DO, Professor of Pediatrics
James Lyons, MD, Associate Professor of Pathology & Family Medicine
John Giannini, MD, Associate Professor of Internal Medicine and Faculty Director of SIM Lab
Joseph D. Baker, II, DO, Assistant Professor of Family Medicine & Geriatrics
Ronda Carter, MD, Assistant Professor of Family Medicine
Martin Clemmons, DO, Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine

Praful Patel, MD, Assistant Professor of OB/GYN & Surgery 
Pratik Shah, DO, Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine & OPP
Melinda Ledbetter, PA, Instructor of Primary Clinical Skills
Renee Woodham, LPN, Director of the Clinical Competency Center
Maria A. Danzie, Director of Assessment & Curriculum Delivery
Lisa Ennis, MS, MA, Director of Learning Resources, Professor of Library & Information Sciences
Nicole Mitchell, MLIS, MA, Information Technology Librarian, Associate Professor of Library & Information Sciences
Michelle Miller, Senior Library Associate
Priscilla Mixon, Clerkship System Analyst
Kimberly Cummings, LPN, Credentialing Coordinator
Amanda Gant, Clinical Sciences Coordinator
April Zorn, PES and SIM Activities Manager
Danielle Ferguson, Simulation & Standardized Patient Program Coordinator
Sherry Barfield, Continuing Medical Education (CME) Coordinator
Katelyn Abraham, Executive Assistant to Clinical Sciences

Information Systems

John Abraham, MBA, Director of Information Systems
Jeffrey Branton, Infrastructure Engineer
Ralph Utz, Network Systems Analyst
Robert Wileman, Database Systems Analyst
Michael Kelly, Systems Analyst
Alex Davis, Systems Analyst
Brad Jimmerson, Systems Analyst
Sherri Ham, Simulation Systems Analyst


Walter R. Majors, Security Supervisor