Ronald S. Owen, President
Craig J. Lenz, DO, Dean & Senior Vice President
Dawn Gray, Senior Executive Assistant, Office of the Dean
Amanda Gant, Executive Assistant, Office of the Dean
Kathy Whitehead, Administrative Secretary, Office of the Dean

Anatomical Sciences

James D. Foster, PhD, Associate Dean of Anatomical Sciences & Molecular Medicine
Mukarram Uddin, PhD, Professor of Anatomy
Melinda Carter, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Anatomy
Larissa Collier, PhD, Assistant Professor of Anatomy
Eric Johnson, PhD, Assistant Professor of Anatomy
Krissy Wood, Anatomy Lab & Willed Body Program Coordinator
Katelyn Wood, Executive Assistant to Anatomical Sciences & Molecular Medicine

Clinical Resources

Wil E. Baker, PhD, Executive Director of Clinical Resources

Clinical Sciences

Stephen Miller, DO, MPH, Associate Dean of Clinical Sciences
Greg Thompson, DO, Assistant Dean of Clinical Sciences and Chair of Osteopathic Principles & Practice
Elizabeth Hengstebeck, DO, Chair and Associate Professor of Family Medicine
Heath Parker, DO, Chair of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics
Vance Powell, DO, Chair of OB/GYN, General Surgery and Trauma
Kevin Hayes, DO, Assistant Chair of Osteopathic Principles & Practice
Sebastian Alston, MD, Professor of Pathology
James Lyons, MD, Associate Professor of Pathology & Family Medicine
Jerry Boland, MD, Associate Professor of Family Medicine
John Giannini, MD, Associate Professor of Internal Medicine and Faculty Director of SIM Lab
Dianne Walker, Director of the Clinical Competency Center
Kimberly Cummings, LPN, Executive Assistant for Clinical Sciences

Institutional Effectiveness & Medical Education

Nehad I. El-Sawi, PhD, Associate Dean of Institutional Effectiveness & Integrity
Sarah M. Senn, Director of Communications & Funding Opportunities
Maria A. Danzie, Curriculum & Assessment Coordinator
Christopher Flynn, Curriculum & Assessment Coordinator
Barbara Shearer, MSLS, Director of Learning Resources
Karen Loftin, Accreditation & Program Evaluation Coordinator
Teresa Bryan, Grants Coordinator
S. Dennis Baker, PhD, Faculty Enrichment Consultant
Sherry Barfield, Executive Assistant to Institutional Effectiveness & Integrity

Molecular Medicine & Research

James D. Foster, PhD, Associate Dean of Anatomical Sciences & Molecular Medicine
Michael Bradbury, PhD, Professor of Biochemistry
Jean Carr, PhD, Professor of Microbiology & Immunology
Bruce E. Wright, PhD, Professor of Physiology
Mark J. Hernandez, PhD, Associate Professor of Physiology & Pharmacology
Christina McManus, PhD, Assistant Professor of Physiology
Krista Riggs, PhD, Assistant Professor of Medical Biochemistry
Jonathan R. Brown, PhD, Assistant Professor of Microbiology & Immunology
Jaishree Patel, PharmD, Assistant Professor of Pharmacology
Katelyn Wood, Executive Assistant to Anatomical Sciences & Molecular Medicine

Student Services

Philip D. Reynolds, PhD, Associate Dean of Student Services
Linda Goodson, RN, Director of Admissions and Enrollment
Bob Willis, Assistant Director of Enrollment Management
Travis O. Cobb, MBA, Director of Financial Aid
Saimara Soto, Registrar and Director of Student Tracking
Fred Helms, EdD, Director of Academic Support Services
Audrey Bawcum, Executive Assistant to Student Services
Yasmine Hill, Administrative Secretary
Ashley Outlaw, Administrative Secretary


Melissa Cazenave, Accounting Supervisor
Pam Deal, Bursar


Jeremy Bess, Facilities Manager

Information Systems

John Abraham, Manager for Information Systems
Jonathan Hataway, Network/Server Engineer
Jeffrey Branton, Systems Analyst
Jon Smith, Database Systems Analyst
Brandon Worthington, Systems Analyst
Chris Dixon, Systems Analyst


Daniel Mitchell, Security Supervisor