ACOM Student Fellow Elected to National AMSA Position

foldy-samuelACOM third-year medical student, and Anatomy and Osteopathic Principles and Practice Teaching Fellow, Samuel Foldy, has been elected to the National Board of Trustees for the American Medical Student Association (AMSA) as the Vice President for Leadership Development. The Vice President for Leadership Development is one of two Trustees elected to represent the needs and interests of AMSA’s programming arm, including the Action Committees and Teams, the Interest Groups, and other bodies carrying out AMSA’s mission-driven work. Foldy’s duties include participating in board level decisions for AMSA, development of high-quality student leaders, advising, conflict resolution, and connecting the membership and programming arms of the organization.

Foldy also plans to work with AMSA to develop an introductory course on Osteopathic Principles and Practice targeting MD, DO, and pre-medical students. In light of the single accreditation system, this innovative course will serve an important role in educating MD students about the unique skills osteopathic medical students learn. It will also introduce the osteopathic philosophy to pre-medical students, and supplement DO students with a variety of approaches, models, and techniques that may not be traditionally covered in their school’s curriculum.

Congratulations, Sam!